Preseason Jitters, Warriors Prepare for Spring Sport Seasons


Sophie Peck

Team Tryouts: Sophomore Walter Mathews and sophomore Michael Pickens prepare for their lacrosse tryouts

Many athletes at North Atlanta know that with the start of the new year comes preparation for spring sports. From tennis to track to lacrosse to soccer, almost all teams will be holding tryouts in the first couple months of 2020, and Warriors are excited to start these new seasons. 

The question of physical conditioning comes into mind when thinking about coming back to spring sport teams. Many Warrior athletes utilize the off-season to stay in shape and keep physical conditioning up. Nevertheless, the New Year can be seen as crunch time for many athletes trying to get ready for their upcoming seasons. “I dread the running and conditioning sometimes,” said senior soccer player Maddie Grice. “But at the same time I’m super excited to come back and see all my friends and teammates again.” 

Another interesting aspect to coming back to spring sports is getting able to see the new talent. Many Warriors know that many spring sports can be very competitive and that making a team requires hard work and it can be interesting to see new people. “I’m a little nervous that there’s a really good freshman class coming in and I want to make the team,” said junior golfer Holt Marbut.  “At the same time I’m super excited because golf season is fun. I get to hang out with my friends and do something I actually enjoy.” 

No matter the challenges, returning to spring sports can be very exciting. Many athletes look forward to getting back into their sport and embrace the commitment that it brings. “The worst part is waking up early in the morning for tryouts or practice, but either way I love lacrosse,” said junior lacrosse player Will Adams. “I have a lot of fun and it’s really one of the few athletic things that I do. I love getting to play and being allowed to lay kids out.” 

Spring sports starting up provide many exciting opportunities for Warriors. Athletes get to get back to doing what they love and working together with their teams. Even if you are not an athlete yourself, spring sport games offer an awesome opportunity to build Dub spirit. Warrior athletes and spirited supporters are excited to see what these seasons have in store. Go Dubs!