Warriors Show Support for Feeder Elementary Schools Through Reading Program


Shields Family

Radiant Readers: Junior Lucy-Grey Shields smiles with Jackson Elementary students

As the school year starts to wind down, many North Atlanta students are getting nostalgic, revisiting their elementary school to read to kindergarten and first-grade students. This unique opportunity, called the Elementary School Reading Program, was started by seniors Isabel Archer and Parker French. To the joy of students and teachers alike, Friday mornings at Atlanta’s best elementary schools are now filled with NAHS students excited to engage with little learners. 

The idea for this program first came a few years ago when Coach Reagan suggested it to a group of students. This group, Isabel Archer, Annie Weber, and Parker French, decided that this year was the perfect time to put their plan in action, and the results are already paying off. “This program is an amazing thing to be a part of! The kids look up to the high schoolers in an unexplainable way, and the results are already paying off,” says Kim Shields, a Jackson Elementary School Kindergarten teacher. 

However, the elementary school students aren’t the only ones learning from this experience; the payoff for high schoolers is extremely impressive to see as well. The Warriors are full of nostalgia by going to their old schools, and they have a newfound respect for the teachers who shaped their youth. The smiles radiating from the participants on Friday mornings are contagious, leaving every other NAHS student wishing they were taking part in such an impressive mentorship experience. “It’s been really exciting to have a project that reaches 5 out of the 6 feeder elementary schools because it helps build a community,” says senior leader Isabel Archer, “It’s also been really exciting to come back to the classes and the kids remembering you and getting excited about reading!”

Whether it’s Jackson Jaguars or Brandon Bees, the Elementary School Reading Program is bringing together a community of Atlanta Public Schools best. This program has had a lasting impact on young students, high schoolers, and teachers alike. In the end, the elementary school reading program should leave all warriors asking, how do I sign up next year?