College Advisors Jessica Cawley and Aja Murray Help Students Immensely


Lenox Johnson

College Advisors Help: Cawley and Murray help students with all things senior

In the past seven months, the College and Career center has been rebuilt from the ground up by two new additions to the Warrior family– college advisors Jessica Cawley and Aja Murray. The two University of Georgia graduates have redefined the college search for many students by creating a safe and resourceful environment for students in the midst of the college and career search process. From editing essays to helping students find direction for the future, the duo has given The College and Career Center an incomparably sparkling reputation.

The college search and application process can be an extremely taxing period in the life of a senior or rising junior. The search is characterized by countless details, huge decisions, and endless intricacies. It is extremely easy for students to feel overwhelmed by the daunting task of making the transition out of high school yet, for many students, the center has become a saving grace. “They’re always my go-to for everything I need.” said senior Fiona Liu, “I honestly can’t imagine getting through this year without them.”

Cawley and Murray are both employed by The University of Georgia through the The College Advising Corps, a UGA program that The duo is always readily available to help students with their college and career needs, and value the time and advice they are able to devote to their education highly.  Cawley describes the students she comes across in the CCC as engaging and exciting, each with something different to bring to the table. “I think we’ve created a safe space for our students.” said Cawley, “I’ve had so much fun this year, and I’m so proud of everyone graduating and starting a new journey.”

Cawley and Murray describe their first year co-running the center as an eye-opening and invaluable experience. Both having been in the shoes of the students only a short time ago, the duo has a unique perspective that is unmatched by any others. The pair has made such a substantial impact on their students, that many spend time in the College and Career Center whenever they have spare time. As the Class of 2020 starts their journey towards the future, they reflect on the contributions of Cawley and Murray with gratitude and unmatched appreciation.