SkillsUSA Week Gives Back to North Atlanta


Red alert: SkillsUSA Celebrates National Week of Giving Back with Activities and Gifts.

Trying to begin your future is a scary thing when you have little knowledge of how to do so. However, North Atlanta students do not have to fret with SkillsUSA there to help build resumes and open scholarship opportunities. During the week of February 2, they held a “SkillsUSA Week” where they interacted with the school’s community in order to help out students.

In addition to food and activities to community service hour opportunities, students wore SkillsUSA shirts and handed our teacher appreciation cards. There was even a trivia night during a meeting, where participants of the club also gained their volunteer hours. “We wanted to show the support that we can bring to North Atlanta,” said SkillsUSA President Bella Rossi, a senior. 

This nationally celebrated week focused on member outreach, joining people by conferencing and giving out snacks and gifts in the hallways. The 100 SkillsUSA members in the North Atlanta chapter not only prepared the whole week with activities and supplies, but they also engaged the community by opening doors and passing out nuggets to teachers. “We all came together for this,” said teacher sponsor Guiteau Shirley. “It was really exciting to see it come to pass and it always energizes all of us.” 

SkillsUSA actively seeks members to join its connection to the school and service. They are organized to compete and participate in events as well as attend weekly meetings. Students gain hands on experience in design and film so that they can gain further opportunities later on. 

If showing your support through Teacher Appreciation days and advocating for the community in which you live interests you, SkillsUSA is a good fit. The recent week shows their impact not just at North Atlanta, but also at a national level. By giving back, they actively improve our school.