COVID-19 Virus Instills Fear in North Students


Sophie Peck

Mom Was Right: Health officials are confirming what our parents have been telling us all along. One key way to protect yourself from any infection by the Corona Virus is by simply thoroughly washing your hands.

A new decade has begun and with it the spread of the respiratory virus COVID-19 more popularly known as “Coronavirus.” The outbreak anxiety reached a new peak when it touched down in Georgia this month, and students and staff alike are desperately searching for ways to avoid contracting the virus. Amid all of the corona chaos, the Center for Disease Control, conveniently located in Atlanta, is working diligently to contain the spread and educate the public about the proper prevention methods.

When the virus first started, it was no more than a meme-able offense in the United States, a new trend for Tik Tok and Twitter to adapt. Coronavirus became a much more tangible threat for Americans as it diffused overseas at a rapid rate, however, and coverage of its spread is being broadcasted nationwide. In response to the sudden surge of Coronavirus awareness, Atlanta Public Schools issued a letter to all students relaying the recommended prevention methods and establishing their role in monitoring the spread of the virus in Atlanta, as it pertains to the school. 

Unfortunately there are no vaccines yet that would create immunity, but the CDC has provided some guidelines to most effectively protect yourself from the virus. The simplest solution? Wash your hands thoroughly, multiple times during the day. A basic combination of soap, water and scrubbing for at least 20 seconds is the best proven way to prevent infections and kill germs. The CDC also recommends staying home while sick, not touching your face, and exercising caution in public spaces where possible contaminants may be present.  

Now believed to be airborne, the virus is creating a lot of pre-travel stress ahead of spring break. Many school trips and excursions to countries where the virus is extremely widespread have since been canceled in hopes of mitigating the transfer of the coronavirus. Fulton County Schools cancelled school out of an abundance of caution when a teacher tested positive for the virus, and students from neighboring schools are now understandably concerned for the health of their peers and families. Junior Foard Martin is one student who has been very vocal about the virus. “Being at such a big school during this epidemic is scary,” he said. “It doesn’t help that schools so close to us have been affected or shut down.”

Virus spreads and so does fear. In this period of uncertainty, the only thing we can do is be conscious of our personal hygiene. If you can, get tested if you start to show flu symptoms, but most important: Wash your hands!