Academic Decathlon Takes On State Championship


Dennis Rackett

Brainiac Bunch: These academic champions won district and took on state with flying colors.

North Atlanta High School prides itself on its diverse range of merit, whether its sports or academics. From our sports teams, to our shining theater program, to our high level of academic merit, it’s no doubt that NAHS lives up to its legacy. Most recently, North Atlanta had the honor of representing Atlanta Public Schools at Georgia’s State Academic Decathlon championship. A scholarly competition based on academic integrity and stamina. 

On January 18, North Atlanta’s Academic Decathlon team took on every other team in the district in a competition complete with seven tests: math, science, social studies, music, art, economics, and speech. This competition took place over the course of five hours, and each test was consecutive. After winning first in nearly every category, North Atlanta was presented with numerous medals and an invitation to the state championship. 

Preparation for this feat was not only extensive but extremely grueling, said  Senior Madeline Riddick-Seals. “I read test booklets for so long,” she said. “All of the preparation for state had to happen so quickly because we didn’t have much time between the two competitions.”

Following the district competition, the team was then sent to Gwinnett’s Parkview High where they spent two days in late-February competing yet again for a chance at the national championship. Only this time, the teams were more advanced and the questions were much harder. Although they did not win the title, many members of the team medalled in a variety of topics ranging from economics to speech. 

Senior Willie Stiggers believes it was a chance of a lifetime. “Of course I had fun with the team,” he said. “We didn’t win, but we had fun and never took any loss too seriously.” 

Strong in academics and in spirit: Classic North Atlanta and the solid track record of North Atlanta’s Academic Decathlon team.