APS Shuts Down All Schools as Coronavirus Pandemic Worsens    


Drew Sheldon

Pandemic Pause: North Atlanta and all other APS schools have been not had school in classes since March 17. Teachers and students have been acclimating to remote-education environments ever since.

After a chaotic week filled with a multitude of different news stories related to COVID-19, more commonly known as the coronavirus, companies and schools are being shut down indefinitely. Major events like Coachella and the NBA season being either postponed or cancelled entirely. Atlanta Public Schools is no different. Superintendent Meria Castarphen officially confirmed Thursday afternoon that Atlanta Public Schools will be closing starting Monday March 17 for “up to two weeks and potentially extending beyond spring break.”

News of Atlanta Public Schools closing comes just days after Fulton County Schools, various private schools, and colleges around Georgia announced their closures, sending students home to continue their learning online. North Atlanta students are being expected to complete assignments for their classes from home through Google Classroom, Khan Academy, USA Test Prep, and other online resources given to students by their teachers. Principal Curtis Douglass has also stressed the importance of students keeping up to date with their classes through Remind in order to receive further information on assignments.

Many North Atlanta students have expressed relief over the news of APS’s closure. “I’m honestly very glad that APS finally decided to close school,” said junior Tyler Hubbard. “I live with my grandparents who are very vulnerable to the disease and it’s a relief to not have to go to school every day where I could possibly contract the virus and infect my them.”

However, while the concept of having no school sounds fun, some students are skeptical. Most notably against the district’s decision are seniors, who are worried about what this might mean for them in terms of graduating. “It’s put a hold on all of my activities,” said senior Cameron White. “I have to take home multiple paintings to work on from home for AP art. I’m not prepared for the work-load right now.”

Warriors, it is of the utmost importance that everyone stays safe during this confusing and serious time. Remember to wash your hands frequently and avoid close contact with people who are sick. For more information on the virus and methods of prevention, please visit www.cdc.gov/coronavirus. Farewell for now, Warriors, and hopefully we’ll see you soon and, we trust, in good health.