A Man of Math: A Inside Look at Calculus Teacher David Ehrman


Hayden Perciful

Linear Leader: Many of North Atlanta’s brightest and highest-level math students attribute much of their success to math teacher David Ehrman.

Teacher David Ehrman has been an integral part of North Atlanta’s impressive cohort of math teachers ever since he joined the school faculty in 2013. Ehrman instructs a variety of higher level math courses, including precalculus, AB calculus, BC calculus, and even supervises a linear algebra and multivariable calculus course provided through the Georgia Institute of Technology. Ehrman’s concise yet highly influential teaching style encourages students to be dedicated to expanding their knowledge of math and helps prepare them for the future.

Where his subject is concerned, Ehrman is nothing short of qualified, having earned an Industrial and Mechanical Engineering degree from Georgia Tech in 2004 as well as receiving a masters in Math Education from Georgia State University in 2006. With an original plan to become an engineer, Ehrman became a teaching assistant in college where he found his love for teaching. “In college, I really found out how much I enjoyed explaining math to people,” said Ehrman. “I really liked teaching and knew that being rich as an engineer was something I never really needed.”

Along with his impressive resume, Ehrman also stays after school for tutorial almost every day of the week, a great advantage for his many bright students. Before and after these tutoring sessions, you may even see him on his five-mile jog around campus and down to the Chattahoochee River, something he takes upon himself almost every other day. “I think it’s very important for students to have more exposure to material,” said Ehrman. “If being here after school is going to encourage students to try to figure out their math, then it is definitely worth it for me to stay after for all parties involved.”

One of Ehrman’s favorite parts about being a teacher is when students come back and tell him of their accomplishments. He says that they often attribute their unexpected interest and success in math to him, but it’s always the student’s own hard work which he says he can never take credit for. Either way, Ehrman has helped grow some of the brightest math brains in this school and lead them to success. “You can really tell that Mr. Ehrman really cares about our education and will never turn you away if you need help,” said senior Sydney Miller. “If you have the opportunity to take a class with him you will seriously not regret it.”

Ehrman has taught some of the biggest and brightest math minds in this school, and this year alone more than 30 of his students were admitted into Georgia Tech. Despite the often difficult content of his courses, Ehrman puts in hard work to teach his students which they remain appreciative of and North Atlanta would not be the same without him.