Homeward Bound: What Spring Break Means During Corona Times


The Stephens Family

Super Staycation: Junior Helen Stephens spent her spring break creating a rock climbing wall in her house.

Heartbroken over the loss of their spring break trips, Warriors last week had to unpack their bags and settle in for a family staycation. Dreams of beach trips and adventures abroad were quickly replaced by puzzles and baking as spring break arrived and reality set in. For many, the loss of this spring break was upsetting, particularly for seniors who had been dreaming of their Senior Spring Break throughout high school. However, optimistic as ever, many students are trying to make the most of a tough situation as they get used to the new normal.

One positive side of this long quarantine, is that many Warriors get to celebrate the homecoming of their collegiate siblings. Spending some quality time with their brothers and sisters may be just what the doctor ordered for these bored students. Junior Lindsay Zappa enjoyed fishing with her old brother Evan over spring break. “It was nice to spend some time with him since I usually don’t see him that much while he is away at college,” she said.

Another way that many kids are occupying their time during “Corona-cation” is by keeping as close to their regular spring break routine as possible. This may include relaxing, chatting with friends — at least six feet apart of course! — and soaking up the warm(ish) Atlanta sun. “I spent the break relaxing by the pool and wishing I was at the beach. Gotta get tan!” said junior Julia Naphin.

Finally, the key to success for many Warriors for staying occupied during this abnormal spring break is by staying active! From jogging to hiking to daily YouTube workouts, students are breaking a sweat to stay in shape while stuck inside. Junior Helen Stephens, a world-class competitive climber, took the opportunity over spring break to build a climbing wall in her basement. “I’ve got to keep my skills sharp for next season,” she said. 

While this year’s spring break was certainly much different than past years, as always, students are doing their best to keep their heads up and make the most out of an unfortunate situation. One thing will never change though – no one was ready to go back to “school” when it ended.