Warriors Determined to be Uplifting During COVID-19 Outbreak


Empty Hallways: Corona Outbreak leads to students bringing joy during this time

While North Atlanta High School faculty and students are going through a tough time at the moment, there is some silver-lining with this whole ordeal. Students and teachers are still showing their appreciation for one another from a distance. It’s amazing how even through these circumstances, this community remains in good spirits.

Dedicated Atlanta Public Schools faculty and staff couldn’t wait any longer to see their beloved students. Once they found a loophole to see their students legally, they didn’t hesitate. These determined faculty members took to the streets of the Atlanta Public School district to see the kids themselves. They travelled in a parade with signs hanging outside of their windows saying “ We miss you guys” and “We can’t wait to see our kids again.” This jolly parade of teachers wildly honking and waving to all of their students — who were standing on their front porch with their families — displayed the dedication these teachers have to their students and how not only do they teach these kids but also have emotional connections to them.

Not only are the teachers helping keep the morale up but students are also helping each other. Throughout this time period of quarantine, a multitude of birthday parades have taken place. Many students unfortunately have had to spend their birthday in quarantine, not being able to celebrate with friends and/or extended family. However the students of APS were not going to let a global pandemic get in the way of their birthday celebrations. Many families have surprised their children with birthday parades in which their friends drive by with balloons hanging out of their cars and signs taped to their car doors. They honk repeatedly and stand up outside of their sunroofs cheering happily while the birthday boy or girl stands on their front porch while their parents videotape the whole thing. 

This global pandemic has taken a lot of things away from the kids and parents of the APS school district. However, they aren’t going to let the pandemic get in the way of their undeniably positive spirits. The APS community will only come out of this stronger than ever. Next time you hear multiple cars honking throughout your neighborhood beware, because you might be getting ambushed with a friendly surprise parade!