Quarantining Stirs Up New Pet Adoption Craze


The Marbut Family

Pets of the Pandemic: Junior Holt Marbut enjoys some time outside with his new puppy, Blue.

Quarantining and practicing social distancing can be a very difficult time for many people. However, if there’s any way to add excitement to one’s life, it can be through adopting a new furry friend. Motivated by the absence of in-person schooling and additional time at home, new pets have brought joy and excitement for many Warriors stuck at home. 

For those waiting for the right time to adopt a new pet, quarantine has offered more time to take responsibility for caring for an animal. Warriors still have academic duties with online learning, but the ability to be home more hours of the day has convinced many that there is no better time to start looking after a new pet. “I’ve been wanting a dog for the past couple years and now felt like no better time to get one,” said junior Holt Marbut who recently adopted a golden retriever mix, Blue. “Everyone being home has worked out perfectly for being able to take care of a new puppy.” 

New pets offer a source of excitement and entertainment while many of people’s normal activities are limited. Helping take care of their new furry friends has encouraged Warriors to stay active and spend time outside. “It’s great to have a dog around during quarantine,” said junior Eve Smith, who recently welcomed a new black lab, JB, to the family. “Instead of watching TV, I can take him on a walk or play fetch. Overall, it’s great to have a new pup in the house.”

New pets are not even limited to the average cat or dog for some Warriors. For example, junior Kate Jackson adopted five ducklings. “I thought quarantine was the perfect time to try something new, and the ducklings offered just that,” said Jackson. “They are growing so fast and require a lot of work but it’s nice to have something to do when I’m stuck at home.” 

Without in person schooling or extracurricular activities, Warriors have found extra time on their hands. What better way can one fill this time then by looking after a new pet? While it’s far from ideal, quarantine can offer the perfect time for families to open up their home to new furry or feathered friends.