A Night to Remember: Prom from Home


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Separate Together: Glammed up seniors (and Warrior Wire editors) Mary Grace Ray and Maddy Carter keep their distance – while making the best of a stay-at-home prom. The altered nature of this year’s prom is one way among many that seniors from the Class of 2020 are adjusting to pandemic-era changes.

Due to the quarantine in place currently because of the coronavirus, the rest of the 2019-2020 school year is set to happen virtually. Unfortunately North Atlanta High School seniors are missing out on a lot of fun activities. One of these fun activities is junior/senior prom which had a circus theme. Sadly, because of the coronavirus clowning around, this year’s prom was rescheduled and then cancelled. 

Some juniors and seniors of North Atlanta decided to make the best of the situation and still experience the prom they were promised. They obviously couldn’t replicate the whole experience but there were some aspects of the prom that were still salvageable. One of the things a little girl looks forward to through all her school years is the process of getting ready for the prom. Seniors Mary Grace Ray and Maddy Carter were determined to live out this dream and still got glammed up and put on their prom dresses. After they got ready they decided to meet up (staying six feet apart of course) and take prom pictures. They posed the night away and made the best of it considering the circumstances. The coronavirus was not going to take away their senior prom from them, that’s for sure. “My favorite part was getting ready! It made it feel like it was a normal prom still!”, says senior Mary Grace Ray.

Although they weren’t the only North Atlanta students having prom night fun from home. Even in the middle of a global pandemic, prom still commenced in the Grice household. Senior Maddie and junior Caroline were surprised by their mother and older sister with a prom of their own. Not only did they dress up, it was complete with decorations as well. These sisters partied all night and enjoyed each other’s company. “It was definitely worth it and added some fun to quarantine,” said junior Caroline Grice.

Many other North Atlanta students tuned into a virtual youtube prom, hosted by John Krasinski. At this prom, the Jonas Brothers, Chance the Rapper, and Billie Eilish all performed songs live. High school seniors and juniors across the nation were encouraged to join. There were special guest appearances by Rainn Wilson, Sophie Turner, and others. This livestream was free to join and easily accessible on the internet. It was complete with disco lights and balloons to add to the party vibe. “Although I couldn’t enjoy prom night with my friends, this virtual prom definitely helped to boost my morale,” said junior Caitlin Burch.

While some North Atlanta students were sitting in their house crying in their prom dress, others were determined to make the most of their night. The good thing is seniors have already experienced one high school prom, which was last year and juniors still have their senior prom to look forward to. No matter where they are, and no matter the circumstance, North Atlanta students are going to make the best of their night to remember.