The Class of 2020 Racks Up Millions of Dollars in Scholarships


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Full Ride Run: Seniors Ojo Okoka and Rachel Dorfman have earned full-ride scholarships at the University of Michigan and the University of Georgia, respectively. Members of the Class of 2020 have racked up impressive figures in terms of total scholarship amounts earned.

North Atlanta High School is full of high-achievers, and the Class of 2020 is no exception. The scholarships given to this outstanding class of seniors are a direct reflection of its academic vigor and continued dedication. These stellar students have worked hard over the past four years to get to the point they’re at right now and looking back, it was all worth it. 

Applying for scholarships is no small feat, but the work has all paid off as North Atlanta seniors received a massive $22 million in scholarships. In order to accomplish this, students took rigorous AP and IB classes, spent countless hours on homework, and took on multiple clubs and extracurriculars. 

Many students are receiving scholarships to institutions outside of the state, which is extremely competitive. For instance, senior Ojo Okoka earned full-ride scholarships to Southern Methodist University, the University of Georgia and the University of Michigan and has opted to study at the U of M in Ann Arbor, Mich. “I’m elated, actually. There have been a lot of ups and downs related to high school but now I get to see the fruits of my labors and it’s a good feeling,”  Okoka said.

Okoka said he plans on studying music in college in advance of down-the-road studies in medical school. 

Many North Atlanta graduates are staying in-state for college and have qualified for the Hope and Zell Miller scholarships. The upshot of that is either partial or full-tuition scholarships at prestigious schools like UGA or Georgia Tech. Senior Rachel Dorfman, who is going to UGA, is a Zell Miller scholarship recipient. “I’ve worked so hard over the past four years and I’m so excited that it’s paying off,” she said.  

Dorfman plans on majoring in business at UGA. 

While the long nights of homework and writing of scholarship applications seemed difficult at the time, the financial benefits made the work well worth it for many. All Dubs are so proud of our seniors and can’t wait to see each of their accomplishments. We wish them well in the future as they carry the Warrior spirit across the world.