Angling For Fun: New Bass Fishing Club Sparks Fish Frenzy


Jackson Flores

Fishing Fanatic: Sophomore Jackson Flores shows off his fresh catch.

North Atlanta is home to many niche clubs, ranging from purely academic to oddly specific. A newly founded club that appeals to many students is the Bass Fishing Club. This club allows students that love to fish the chance to share this passion — and some of their latest catches — with each other. 

This club was founded by Seniors Hayden Perciful and Tyler Hankin. Originally, their goal was to help Coach Andre Regan, the school’s athletic director, start the first official bass fishing team. It was intended to be a varsity sport available for students to participate in fishing tournaments against other teams. Unfortunately, unexpected obstacles arose during the process of creating this sports team, which led to the decision to leave it as a club for now. “We faced a few challenges like meeting the GHSA deadline, having access to a fishing boat, and following safety precautions,” Perciful said. “We are nonetheless grateful to have started it as a club.” 

The Bass Fishing Club was established to enable students like Tyler and Hayden to share their passion for fishing with their community. They were aware that many of their peers were also avid fishers. Their primary goal for this club was to create an organization at school that channeled both their love for the outdoors and fishing. “I wanted to have an environment at school that fostered my love for the outdoors and fishing,” said Hankin. 

Spirits remain high even though the club is unable to convene in person. For the time being, members of the club have been asked to fish on their own. On the Bass Fishing Club’s Instagram account, members have been able to share their impressive catches and document their various fishing experiences. This does not diminish the fervent desire for the in-person meetings to commence. Junior Hattie Schuessler is one excited fisher who is eagerly anticipating a day when the club can come together. “It is difficult to not be together but hopefully this will change soon,” she said. “I am looking forward to being able to go to meetings and fish as a group.”

Grab your rods and bait, all you North Atlanta anglers, because clearly it’s fishing time. The Bass Fishing Club is the perfect opportunity for students with a passion for big boats and bigger bass.