Out of Bed Roll: Students Master Their Virtual Morning Routines


Kathryn Ackerman

She’s Blushing: Junior Kathryn Ackerman does at least a semblance of “get-ready” activities before joining her first class of the day on Zoom. Remote education has given students a whole new range of morning routines.

From your bed to your workspace: your virtual class morning commute could not be more simple. Instead of waiting for the bus at the bus stop, hopping in your car, or getting a ride from parents or friends, students are now growing accustomed to sitting patiently at their desks or in the Zoom waiting room to be let into the virtual classroom.  With this shift came an important change in morning routines, and students are beginning to switch out their daily Starbucks latte for some extra Z’s.

Student morning routines vary in their intensity, from having multiple alarm clocks to blasting music in the mornings. Some will take showers at night or in the mornings depending on their schedule. “First thing I do in the morning is take a shower and brush my teeth, then get straight on the computer,” says Junior Kyren Elliot. “Sometimes when I get lazy, I don’t even do my hair! I just throw on a hoodie and call it a day.”

With thousands of Warriors come thousands of morning routines, but now that we have gone virtual they tend to fall into two main categories: full out just like you would get ready for school in person, and those which have truly embraced the new, more casual school environment. “I have two alarms but once I finally get out of bed, I wash my face, brush my teeth, and do my makeup, then I get dressed and eat breakfast and it’s time for class,” said junior Kathryn Ackerman. “I really can’t do pajama pants. I have to wear jeans or I would get too comfy and fall asleep at my desk.”

It is natural for students to grow accustomed to some kind of morning routine as they prepare for their classes and wipe the tiredness from their eyes. While some students stick to a strict schedule, others are happy to roll out of bed and into first period. Whether you’re brushing your teeth, taking a shower, washing your face, getting dressed, or eating breakfast, there’s no set way to start your day. It’s all about finding what works best for you, and of course, making it to class on time. No more traffic to contend with, but if I could just get my computer to boot up quickly!