In Love with “Endless Love”


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A pair of star-crossed lovers separated by their parents?  No, not Romeo and Juliet.

 A high school couple that faces challenges because they come from different backgrounds? No, not High School Musical.

Though a forbidden love story between an Atlanta socialite and a poor mechanic perfectly blends the two. It’s Shana Feste’s “Endless Love”.

“Endless Love” stars Gabriella Wilde (Carrie, Dark Horse) as Jade Butterfield  and Alex Pettyfer (I am Number Four, Magic Mike, Lee Daniels’ the Butler) as David Elliott. Just after high school graduation, David entices Jade to start having some fun with him.  The summer seems perfect until Mr. Butterfield (Bruce Greenwood) decides he misses his shy, intellectual daughter and ends the teens’ passionate relationship.  While the lovers try to stay together, it proves impossible when a series of tragedies occur: arrests, affairs, and car accidents.  David begins to realize he has to fight for Jade.

Released on February 14, this is the epitome of a romantic comedy. The actors performances are stunning, especially Dayo Okeniyi, who plays the stereotypical hilarious best friend.  The plot has lots of surprises, and some might argue the film was too long and seemed endless.  Regardless, this is a movie that is worth seeing: you’ll laugh, cry, and enjoy it. 

The original Endless Love, starring Brooke Shields, was a story of lust and passion between an 18 year old boy and an innocent 15 year old girl. The remake is a more carefree and funny story of young love.  Though the 2014 version does have similarities to the 1981 original, such as a fatal house fire, this film has a lighter mood and is much more enjoyable.

Interestingly enough, the film was shot and set in Atlanta.  Music midtown attendees might even see themselves in the film.