Loathing The ‘Stros: The Team Every Baseball Fan Should Hate


Karen Warren

Foul Ball: The Astros admit to playing dirty in order to gain coveted 2017 World Series Title. Are they worthy of our hate? Yes.

Everyone has got a list of things they hate and I’m no different. There’s boy bands, broccoli, along with trips to the orthodontist (sorry Dr. Jenkins, you’re nice but you consistently hurt me). But in recent months there’s something else I’ve added to the list of hate-worthy items: The Houston Astros. I’m a big baseball fan and this not-in-any-way storied franchise did something you just don’t do: violate sacred rules surrounding fair play. Sounds like a sad sordid tale of something gone quite wrong on the baseball diamond? Well, it is, and here are details.

Several former players came out and said the team was using an outfield camera to steal pitching signs from opposing teams to give their hitters an advantage during the 2017 MLB season. Videos taken that year show the team banging on trash cans in the dugout and whistling to alert hitters to whether a fastball or an offspeed pitch is being thrown. 

Major League Baseball suspended both the Astros manager, A.J Hinch, and general manager, Jeff Luhnow, for a year for their involvement but hesitated to take their title. They have been dubbed the Asterisks because of the asterisk that should be put next to their illegitimate 2017 world series title against the Los Angeles Dodgers. If a team has cheated their entire way through the regular season it shouldn’t even be a question if they lose their title. But Major League Baseball let the team off easy. 

The Astros have received a lot of hate from players and fans across the country during the 2020 season and it is well deserved. Throughout spring training this year the team was harassed by fans making it clear that they were not happy with the team. Even when the games went fanless this year, fans still expressed their resentment by commenting different forms of hate such as trash can emojis on the Astros Instagram page. Players such as Joe Kelly and Trevor Bauer have also joined in on the hate train by commenting on the MLB’s lack of punishment for the team. Joe Kelly even went as far as throwing at Astros players such as Carlos Correa and Jose Altuve. 

Every baseball fan around should try to hate the Houston Astros. I personally can’t wait to hear the loud boos when Jose Altuve takes the field or trash can being banged throughout the game to imitate the team. Or the cheers from every fan in the stadium when Carlos Correa strikes out or is struck by a 98 mph fastball on accident of course.  Come on! Join the bandwagon of salty baseball fans that just hate anything the Houston Astros will do for years to come.