Poppin’ Places to be During the Pandemic


Sullivan Seydel

The Great Outdoors: Junior Sullivan Seydel built a treehouse to safely hang out with friends in.

Seven months into the pandemic and socially-starved teens have one question: With the implications of social distancing, how are teens supposed to be able to hang out with each other while still remaining in a safe environment? High school students have been getting very creative, finding new ways to cope with the circumstances presented. 

One way students are being innovative during this time is by venturing outdoors, where it is easier to maintain social distancing. Over the summer, Junior Sullivan Seydel built his own treehouse in his neighborhood for his friends and other students to hang out in. He was able to build his treehouse in a week with the help of a few friends from his neighborhood. His motivation for this project was boredom during quatertine and the desire to safely see his friends. Through this process, he learned valuable construction skills as well as innovative ways to solve problems. “It was definitely worth building as it was a great place to hang out with my friends during this time and create many fun memories that I will never forget,” he said. “I am also grateful for the lessons the process of building the treehouse taught me.” 

Chastain Park is another hot spot for safe social interaction. This gem is the perfect place to enjoy a long walk or picnic with friends. Mere minutes away, a hangout spot dubbed “the pits” are a few sets of fire pits within the main park that have served as a great place to meet up with friends. Junior Emelia Fernandes has spent some quality time here with her peers during the past few months. “Chastain is a great place to go with my friends so that we can socialize, but also follow covid safety guidelines,” she said. “We all get to spend time together without putting our safety and health at risk.”

A more unusual but nevertheless beloved spot is the North Atlanta parking deck. Over quarantine, students began to come here for a safe place to see friends. It was common for students to park their cars and chat while lounging in open trunks. It provided the perfect vantage point by which to watch the setting sun. Junior Aislin Ward was happy to have this opportunity to be able to see her friends, albeit from a distance. “This was a nice thing to do after being stuck inside all day and I was grateful to have a safe way to see my friends.” she said.

Quarantine was an isolating experience for many students, but thankfully they got creative with their circumstances. It was very fountruate students were able to contend with the situation at hand and manage to create safe environments in which to see their friends.