Softball Dubs Snag a Triple Dub


Kenneth Smith

Softball Slammer: Sophomore Cece Smith is poised to hit that ball right out of the park.

Hey Batter Batter! Hey Batter Batter-Swing! The Lady Warriors got busy this past weekend with a Friday night game and a Saturday morning double-header. They scored a whopping 34 runs between three games and only gave up eight runs. With a 5-0 region record, they maintained their position as first in the region. This enabled them to secure their spot in the state tournament. 

For the first time, they faced the favorite team to win the region, Lakeside. However, the Dubs mercy-ruled Lakeside twice, once 17-2 and another time 17-5. During the first game, sophomore Cece Smith hit an out of the park home run, adding to the great victory over Lakeside. In right field, sophomore Mia Alarcon snagged a pop-fly in the right field coming out of the gates strong to begin the second inning. During the second game, seniors Jillian Dacey and Daishalyn Satcher laid down two solid bunts to move runners around the bases. The Lady Warriors had an exceptionally strong third inning offensively, by making it through the whole lineup twice at the plate. This became a trend in the third game as well. In the third inning of the game played against Tucker, solid hits up and down the lineup gave the Dubs a major lead early on. They ended up mercy-ruling Tucker 20-0 in the fourth inning.

This will be the first time in history that the North Atlanta High School softball team will have made it to the state playoffs. Within the past four years, the team has grown from winning 2 games during the 2016-2017 season to a record-breaking 15 wins last season to making it to the state tournament this season. The first round will take place in Valdosta where the Lady Warriors, who took the first seed in their region, will go head to head with the home team, who is the fourth seed in their region. In order to advance to the second round, the team will have to win two of three games. If they advance, the second round will be in Savannah, Georgia on October 22nd and 23rd. They will play the whole state tournament on the road, which is a slight disadvantage. However, the team has secured the majority of their wins on the road this season, which bodes well for the future.

The Dubs had an intense schedule this past weekend, but there is no doubt that they stepped up to the challenge. This is North Atlanta history in the making. This talented group of young ladies have persevered through an intense season, and consistently gave it their all. They were not merely handed this opportunity, their hard-work and determination earned them this opportunity. Best of luck to the softball Dubs at the state tournament!