Adopt-A-Spot: Environmental Club Doing Good Things


Maddie Bartlett

Earth Day Is Everyday: Seniors Caitlin Hohenstein (left) and Caitlin Krachon (right) are hard at work cleaning up their community.

The North Atlanta Environmental Club has been around for a long time. It has gone through many leadership changes, and this year’s leaders are hoping to make the same impact their predecessors have. In today’s age, the main environmental issues are climate change and pollution. On such a small level it is hard to start with the big problems, but its co-presidents are looking to make a big difference in our school community. 

Seniors Caitlin Hohenstein and Caitlin Krachon took over the club with big plans. With the hope of reducing litter and making our school a proper learning environment, they started to put in the work. First up was getting in contact with the city in order to adopt the road outside of school. The program is called Adopt-a-Spot and their motto is, “Lend a hand to keep public spaces clean.” Through this program, they adopted the roadway in front of the school’s campus and the plan is to keep it clean by having routine clean-ups using volunteers from the club. “After hearing about the program we wanted to go ahead and lend our volunteers’ hands,” said Krachon, “and our own of course.”

A sign will be put up outside of the entrance to school announcing that the Environmental Club is responsible for the area, and bringing awareness to all of the important things the club does; maybe even inspiring people to join the club! The pair is planning clean-ups to start after fall-break, and have them continuously throughout the year. With the support of the Department of Public Works, the club has gotten supplies such as trash-grabbers and neon safety vests. “I want to encourage anyone who is invested in the planet to come help volunteer,” said Hohenstein, “We are a great group of people who just want to do some good.”

Another important issue the club is tackling is the planting and composting of a garden at school to better the community. With the intent of planting flowers and vegetables, the club wants to make bouquets for teacher appreciation. There is also a huge educational benefit in teaching club members the importance and logistics of being in charge of a garden. “I have always wanted a garden and this year I had the power to do something about it,” said Hohenstein. “I’m so excited I hope everyone comes to check it out once we are done!”

In a time where everyone is conscious of all of the terrible things in the world, it is important to get together and do something that you feel good about. If you want to be a part of the club, or just check up on their progress, go to their Instagram: @nahs.eclub