New iOS14 Release Introduces Home Screen Creativity



Personalization to the Max: The new iOS update allows users to customize their home screen with photos and more.

Apple’s introduction of the iOS14 on September 16th has been a cause of intrigue among iPhone users. The yearly iOS update by Apple includes its usual new feature updates, but the changes this time around have piqued the excitement of customers worldwide. Home screen customization is the primary new feature, where users can implement widgets and design their phone’s interface as they please. These widgets have a wide range of functions, with users being able to access important information from their favorite apps in a more efficient manner, and insert images that add to the aesthetic of their home screen. 

As the release became available to the public, North Atlanta students quickly jumped on the opportunity to showcase their creativity. From the organization of each home screen page based on app color to changing an app’s appearance to one’s personal preference, the imaginativeness of students has been on full display. In fact, some students have spent upwards of two hours perfecting their interface’s look. Junior Pete Whitlock was one of these students who spent a lengthy amount of time adjusting to all the new features. “It took a while to get used to everything on my new screen – about 90 minutes – but I really like how my home screen turned out,” Whitlock said.

An additional feature that has been a favorite among many is the picture-in-picture mode feature. Users now have the ability to watch videos on certain apps while using other apps at the same time. These videos play in a small window that can be moved around the screen, and can be enlarged as well. For instance, one can scroll through their social media while watching a sports game in another app. Junior Carl Alexander has really taken a liking to this specific feature. “Of all the features, picture-in-picture mode is definitely the most convenient for me,” Alexander said. “I can be on FaceTime with one of my friends and look at my social media at the same time. It’s really cool.”

For now, users will continue to adjust to a new iOS update that involves a completely new interface. These new interface additions make the home screen more jam-packed, but the ability to customize one’s phone background has been an addition long desired by iPhone users. Apple finally came through, and it’s something that seems to be a mainstay for future updates.