Let’s Get Political: Politics Club Allows Safe Space for Discourse


Annabeth Bradley

Agree to Disagree: To aspiring politicians, debate lovers, and young activists, politics club is a great way for students of varying perspectives to come together and talk about the current political climate.

North Atlanta is home to a very diverse and politically active student body. The Politics Club is an organization at North Atlanta that reflects these values of open-mindedness. This club gives students the opportunity to express their personal political opinion in a safe, judgement-free zone, regardless of their political opinions.

Established years ago by now-alumni (Class of 2019) Clarke Peoples and Sherwin McDonald, the goal of politics club is to make students more aware of current political and global issues. They have passed the torch down to this year’s leaders, seniors Avi Hunter, Will Adams, Annabeth Bradley, and Graham Barnett, who are working tirelessly to sustain the club while not in school. “In Politics Club we strive to ask and answer questions and develop a comfortable space to talk,” said senior Graham Barnett. 

Previously a North Atlanta affiliate, politics club has now been re-birthed as an independent entity to allow for group meetings in the time of Covid-19. Hunter, the head of the club, brought meetings back every other Wednesday at the Chattahoochee East Palisades Park. Every meeting remains outside and members practice social distancing throughout the entirety of the time they are together to keep everyone safe. “I always feel safe and comfortable attending politics club meetings and I am glad everyone is conscious of the regulations we need to follow due to corona.” said junior Katy Wilbanks. 

Each meeting consists of important discussions surrounding relevant political topics. Prior to every meeting, every leader comes up with three topics each to discuss. They hope to inform members of the club and provide them with a safe place to ask questions. To ensure that a variety of different ideas and perspectives are discussed, there are representatives from the democratic and republican party. “During politics club I always feel comfortable voicing my opinions and I am never worried about receiving judgement from other members of the club.” said senior Eve Smith. 

Politics club is a haven for those looking to engage in meaningful discourse. It helps mold students in North Atlanta’s vision of “critical thinkers who are globally and culturally aware.” This diverse, politically active group of students is paving the way for the next generation of American politics.