Students Weigh In: Is The New iPhone 12 Worth It?


Rollins Hamrick

Fame of Flop: Junior James Fiveash weighs the pros and cons of the new iPhone 12.

The recent release of Apple’s new iPhone 12 has caught the attention of many students at North Atlanta. Some people are excited for the new features this iPhone will include, while others are questioning the steep price. For tech-savvy students, there is much debate regarding Apple’s hot new drop.

With every new iPhone come benefits that appeal to every class of buyer. Some of these features include faster software, new color options, waterproof properties,scratch resistance, and most attractive, a variety of sizes. These elements are alluring to phone fiends with an unfortunate tendency to drop and destroy their iPhones. Junior Libby Zufi is eyeing the new iPhone 12. “I love all the new elements of the phone especially how it is scratch resistant,” she said. “This will be very helpful for me because I drop my phone almost everyday.” 

Most people sympathize with the struggle of getting through a long day with a perpetually draining battery. The inevitable decay of battery life over an iPhone’s lifespan is a major factor that pushes many people to purchase new phones every year. “Nothing is worse than my phone dying way sooner than it should, so I am excited for the better battery life of the new iPhone,” said sophomore Maddie Hawkins. 

For some, even the newfangled features of the iPhone 12 are just not sufficient enough to justify paying such an outrageous price. The doubters believe that little can be done to make a new phone worth the amount it’s going for. Junior Rives Smith is a member of the category that is hesitant to invest in a new phone. “The only aspect of the new IPhone that would make me interested in purchasing one is the new color options, but I don’t know if that is enough for the amount I would be spending on it,” he said.

The iPhone 12 has garnered mixed opinions among the crowd at North Atlanta. It appears to be a valuable purchase for those who may drop their phone a little too often or could benefit from a longer battery life, but if you are satisfied with your current phone spending all that money may not be worth it.