Diving Dubs: Dive Team Captains Lead Team Through Rough Waters of Pandemic


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Making a Splash: Shown above from left to right are dive team captains junior Ava Granot, senior Eve Smith, and senior Henry Berman. This cohort is ready to lead their team amidst their unusual, yet exciting season.

This year’s dive team strives to score all perfect tens in spite of this pandemic that has made a belly-flopping splash in their plans. Captains senior Henry Berman, junior Ava Granot, and senior Eve Smith top off the team this year and are working to lead this talented cohort to the State Championships.

These captains, selected by Coach Jing Leung, are a reflection of commitment and dedication to the team. Leadership and attitude are important characteristics for any team captain to have, and this is important to the dive team as encouragement towards teammates and boosting morale can uplift those needing some support. “I am a captain because I have been diving for several years now,” said Smith. “I have been dedicated every year, showing up to practices and meets with a good attitude and helping my teammates if they are ever feeling down.”

Covid-19 has already made many impacts on the functions of the team. Already the diving season had to start much later this year due to the need to take careful steps to ensure the safety of team members in the unpredictability of this pandemic. Now, the team has to practice at a location much farther away at Martin Luther King Middle School rather than the normal location at the Westminster Schools. Along with that, the coach had to make cuts this year at try-outs due to social distancing precautions, and those who made the team are required to wear masks if they are not in the pool. “Driving to Martin Luther King is definitely more of a hassle,” said Granot. “but I get to carpool with my teammates which makes up for it.”

With location and timing changes added to this dive season, practices and meets have attempted to remain similar to past years, with some sense of normalcy. Practices typically consist of the team being broken up into two groups, with one group in the water receiving advice and coaching from Leung while the other group partakes in conditioning and drills on land led by the captains. The dive team usually consists of a smaller group of seven divers which allows for easier and more attentive practices along with other advantages. “My favorite part about the dive team is how small it is,” said Berman. “It allows us to get to know each other and have super close relationships.” 

The dive team has its first meet on January 5 against Westminster where they hope to start off the season strong and start down the road to the State Championships. Go Dubs!