Hankook Taqueria Serves Up Delicious Tacos With a Twist


Rollins Hamrick

Taco Tuesday: Junior Katy Wilbanks stands outside Hankook Taqueria, a whole in the wall restaurant that serves up a fusion of Korean-Mexican delight.

If you are in the mood for a taco but growing bored of your typical taco joint, then you should definitely take a trip down Collier Road and stop by Hankook Taqueria. This Korean-Mexican fusion is the perfect spot for a unique and flavorful meal that will leave you hungry for more. 

At first glance, it may not be the most appealing place to grab a bite to eat, but it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Once you take a bite of the one-of-a-kind flavorful food, all hesitation melts away, and you will be glad you stopped in. 

Being a taqueria, Hankook serves a wide variety of tasty tacos with a Korean twist. They offer a variety of protein choices including chicken, beef, pork, tofu, shrimp, and calamari, along with different daily specials. An unusual Hankook staple that may sound a little odd at first at a Korean-Mexican restaurant is the fries. These delicious crispy sesame fries are served with spicy sriracha ketchup and are a perfect addition to any taco.

This restaurant is a favorite of many North Atlanta students, but also a place of work for some. Junior Katy Wilbanks is one student who is a big fan of this delectable taco spot. Her order consists of the Tong Dok taco, which is a savory fried chicken taco that comes with lettuce, cheese, and Hankook’s signature sauce. She also likes to get an order of sesame fries on the side. “Hankook is one of my all-time favorite restaurants and usually my first choice if I’m in the mood for a taco,” she said “I started going a few months ago and I am very glad I decided to try it out.” 

This hidden gem of a taco joint will leave your taste buds happy and your stomach satisfied. Hankook is definitely a spot you should try out if you haven’t already!