Atlanta’s Foodie Duo: Fellini’s and La Fonda Add Flavor to the City


Kate Davis

Dynamic Duo: Fellini’s and La Fonda offer impressive and exciting dishes to the Atlanta area. Shown above is junior Josie Bird enjoying a nice slice of pizza on the Fellini’s patio.

Fellini’s and La Fonda go hand in hand when it comes to Atlanta dining. Usually located just a few steps away from each other in most locations, these restaurant twins are Atlanta’s go-to for a casual dinner and you can’t think of one without thinking of the other. Fellini’s offers Atliens an excellent choice of pizzas, salad, and other Italian cuisines while La Fonda serves up an impressive menu of Tex-Mex, Mexican, and Cuban inspired dishes. This pairing of restaurants is an Atlanta favorite, always packed and never disappointing. 

Perfect for big groups with large areas for outdoor dining, it is rare to see the two restaurants not bustling with business. When dining with a large group, it can be difficult to come to a complete consensus when deciding where to eat, but with Fellini’s and La Fonda being an arm’s reach away, everyone in the group can be satisfied whether with pepperoni pizza or a chicken quesadilla. Both restaurants have a large outdoor dining area where groups can congregate with meals from the neighboring restaurants.   

Pizza comes by both the slice and whole pie form at Fellini’s to fit any customer’s appetite. After waiting in the long but fast-moving line, you order at the counter in front of a large menu sign and receive a marker that usually has an older movie poster displayed on it. The pizza is delivered fast and hot on silver tin plates right after you finish chowing down on the famous house salad (the dressing makes for great pizza dipping sauce too.) Nothing beats their pepperoni pizza, but for those with more sophisticated pallets, choose the decked out Fellini’s Special. It hits the spot. 

La Fonda, on the other hand, provides a different dining experience with orders being taken after being seated at a table. Starting off with the chips and salsa is a dangerous combination, and can ruin your meal with their addictive and mouth-watering taste. No meal at La Fonda will leave you unsatisfied from their wide range of authentic Cuban selections from tacos to paellas to quesadillas, especially after a side of rice and black beans are involved (and extra chipotle sauce of course). This restaurant is hard to resist, and its tasty meals will have you leaving no leftovers.

These two restaurants are hard to miss with their bright neon signs and packed parking lots, no matter the location. Every Fellini’s and La Fonda is packed on weekend nights, whether on Roswell Road or Peachtree Road or their other four combo locations. These two restaurants have made quite a name for themselves and have proved to be worthy of such popularity for Atlanta natives.