Bitter Winter Gloom Gives Way To Early-Spring Glee

This winter has been one of the coldest and nastiest we have had in a while. We have endured bracing winds, blistering temperatures with sub-zero wind chill, and two crippling snow storms. (Remember “Snowmaggedon ‘14”?) Along with all other members of the human race, I’m anxious for spring to burst to life. Winter feels like it has been here forever and full-blown spring is almost upon us. It’s now time to put away coats, sweaters, boots, and scarves, and it’s time to pull out tank tops, skirts, dresses, and sandals. Can you tell? I have spring fever in a bad way. Old Man Winter: Good riddance! Be gone!

Springtime means beautiful weather. Birds fly around in glee because they are free to enjoy the warm climate. Well, they will not be the only ones with glee. Those of us who can’t fly can take on other fun activities. Do you remember things like this? How about swimming, festivals, Six Flags, and other outdoor activities that are much enjoyable when the weather is nice. There was some fun this winter. We got to play in the snow, after all. But winter fun got old quickly and we were holed up inside with serious strands of cabin fever.

Spring means shopping for springtime clothes, and that’s ideal because the season brings more variety. This season features a vibrant color palette that includes coral, baby blue, mint and peach. Spring also means the re-arrival of popular clothing trends, things like rompers, skater skirts, sheer tops, floral prints, lace and the always-popular, always-intimidating gladiator sandals.

The birds are excited. The buds are starting to appear. The fish below us in the lake – are their fish down there? – are starting to swim with an added dash of zest. Everyone’s coming out of the winter doldrums and this is why I’m nearly jumping out of my skin in excitement because spring is finally here. I’m ready to take off! Now: If I could just find those gladiator sandals I packed away somewhere.