“Everything Everywhere All At Once” Presents a Thought-Provoking Portrayal of the Multiverse


Caroline Feagin

Exceeding Expectations: If you have heard anything about the film “Everything Everywhere All At Once” then you have also definitely heard the raving reviews viewers have given about it.

It seems as if Marvel isn’t the only studio experimenting with the concept of the multiverse. One of A24’s most recent releases “Everything Everywhere All at Once” steals the spotlight away from the grasp Marvel has on the film industry. An absurdist tale of a family struggling to keep up with expectations, “Everything Everywhere All At Once” takes the viewer on a journey through the universe that addresses family, trauma, love, and the very nature of humanity. It leaves the viewer questioning well… everything.
The film follows a Chinese immigrant struggling to maintain the laundromat her family owns when she gets swept into an adventure across the multiverse and must figure out how to save the world from dangers presented in the many different universes. While seemingly overwhelming at first (the visuals and concepts can become incredibly confusing), the real strength “Everything Everywhere All At Once” has is in the presentation of the concepts. With an industry overrun by superhero blockbusters and sequels, the film is notably different. The film isn’t concerned with what will make the most money or what will satisfy the most fans, but with exploring the characters and their relationships with each other. The maximalist art style of the film is only in its aesthetics; the real core of the story is in the mother-daughter relationship on screen. And wow, does their relationship hit you right where it hurts.
Though not a box office sensation like its other theater-release counterparts like “The Batman” and “Uncharted,” “Everything Everywhere All At Once” has still had a significant impact on the public. Scoring a 97% on Rotten Tomatoes and an 8.9/10 on IMDB, the film has stunned both audiences and critics alike, with many praising its creative and bold direction and the stellar performances of Michelle Yeoh as Evelyn Wang and Stephanie Hsu as Joy Wang. It even topped the 2019 Oscar Winner film “Parasite” on Letterboxd as the best-reviewed movie on the site. The film has seemed to strike a chord with almost every film-goer ever.
If you’re looking for a movie that will enthrall you in a way that many modern movies can not, then this movie is the one for you. The movie is only available in theaters for a limited time, so remember to purchase your tickets quickly or you may miss your chance. Though if you’re really not interested in the movie, then you can wait for another multiversal movie coming to theaters on May 6th, one that is more familiar to the general public. Regardless, there’s no doubt in my mind that “Everything Everywhere All At Once” is one of the best movies released in 2022.