Beware! AP Exams are Here!


Cause for Concern: The upcoming AP exams have been panic-inducing, with many Dubs students dreading exam season. And beware, College Board is watching!

For nearly a year, we have endured our rigorous and work-heavy AP classes for this one moment. While all of our hard work and dedication resulted in sleepless nights, it also has prepared us for this. And now, the time has come: AP exam season. 

With the annual and daunting AP exams on the horizon, students are given the opportunity to receive college credits and show their extensive knowledge (or not) on the subject(s) they have labored over all year long. As the time nears – AP exams are taking place from May 4th to May 15th – student’s overall nervousness and anxiety for the upcoming tests has risen. With the end of the year coming to a fast-paced close, it’s no surprise that restlessness among this year’s test takers is running rampant. 

So, what are students at NAHS doing to try and relieve this foreboding stress? While some students have cracked down on studying, others are taking a more relaxed approach, simply waiting for AP exams to pass and summer to come. Sophomore Marin Cochran said, “I don’t like to think about my AP exams. Though, sometimes I wish I was a goose, they don’t have to take exams.” 

Especially for senior Warriors, the opportunity to earn college credits is the most appealing aspect of exam season. Students taking both IB and AP exams have the opportunity to avoid certain dreaded college course requirements their freshman year. “I really don’t want to take some of these same classes in college,” senior Carl Alexander said. “Making sure I do well on these exams is important to me.”

Among both newcomers to this whole AP extravaganza and our hardened senior soldiers, exam season always proves to be a stressful time for us all. It’s important that we ensure our year ends off strong, especially with summer approaching and endless fun and freedom at our fingertips. Get to it, Warriors!