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Chelsey Hodge

Chelsey Hodge, Staff Writer

Chelsey Hodge is a junior at North Atlanta and is starting her second year of veterancy on the Wire. Though this naturally reserved writer can usually be found curled up in the back of the library her sights are set high for this coming year. When she's not trying to internalize the abstract concept of her existence or counting down the hours till she can head home she's listening to any and all genres of music. (Except Harry Styles of course!) Though when she gets tired of her routine introvertedness she's lording her new upperclassman status over an unsuspecting freshman and rushing off to her distastefully chosen IB class. And though she looks awfully standoffish (she doesn't bite!) she's a headstrong writer dedicated to many different mediums of work and is determined to make this year one to remember! 

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Chelsey Hodge