Mid-Day Munchies: School Concession Stand to the Rescue 


Carly Martin

Snack Heaven: The Concession Stand is where Dubs go when they’ve got the munchies. Students from special education teacher Sarah Rhodes coordinate all stand sales to the hungry student public. Shown here (l to r) are Brenda Morals, Aria Dejuan, Regan Jackson, Gage Mayes and Riley Higgins.

Forgot your lunch? Low on energy? Midday cravings? No matter, the North Atlanta concession stand is here to help.

Technically known as the Warrior Bookstore but more accurately described as a concession stand, this snack stop is conveniently located next to the lunchroom. Each day during the third-period lunch bustle, students stack up their cash and chow down on candy, chips and other treats. The concession stand is immediately recognizable by its array of consumer favorites displayed across the counter – as well as the swell of jittery students waiting to get their hands on a delicious snack. Lays chips, Oreos, lollipops, and more. There is no shortage of goodies to choose and students say they are happy fro the munching opportunities. “My favorites are the Capri Suns,” sophomore Heriot Parsons said. “There are so many options to choose from.”

Special education instructor Sarah Rhodes works with North Atlanta students who have disabilities. Rhodes works with these students behind the counter of the concession stand, working to uphold the Warriors’ new obsession. The bookstore holds a positive experience for all involved, especially Rhodes’s students, who enjoy getting to interact with all of their classmates. Their opportunity to run the stands is the perfect chance for them to develop their interpersonal skills in a meaningful way. Rhodes said the opportunities for her students are invaluable. “It is important for those coming to the bookstore to be patient and remember the goal of the bookstore is for my students to practice necessary skills to help them be successful in life.”

With the evident spending of students on the snack stand, there is no doubt the snack staffers are bringing in big bucks – but for a good cause. The money contributed to the bookstore goes into a Career Technical Instruction (CTI) account which funds programs for students around North Atlanta. Because of the profits, Rhodes’s students, along with others, gain the opportunity to participate in vital programs that help expand their job skills and knowledge. Twice a year, a conference is held by CTI. Rhodes said, “Funds from the bookstore pay for all expenses for both conferences,” she said. 

Snacks and soda aside, some students have admitted that relying on the concession stand has become a bad habit. The concession stand is helpful for those who forget their lunches or remain unfulfilled once their lunch period ends, but it does pose a threat to their wallets. But one thing is for sure: this won’t stop students from enjoying the concession stand and all the treats it has to offer.