Crumbl Cookies Craze: Are The Dubs Still Craving These Delicious Treats?


Is Crumbl Cookies still a craze or just a phase? The Dubs weigh in their opinions on the recently popular cookie company and how TikTok has helped pull their attention to the trendy treats.

In 2020, TikTok coined a new company as the most recent hot-spot for delicious desserts – Crumbl Cookies. The franchise gained popularity quickly, especially due to their large social media presence. Crumbl’s weekly posts on TikTok attracted the attention of many hungry North Atlanta students after it first went viral, but is the company still thriving, or have they become a one hit wonder?

Crumbl’s activity on social media is a significant part of their success. The Crumbl Cookies TikTok account now has 5.2 million followers tuning in to see the newest flavors. Since TikTok is where Crumbl gained most of their most loyal customers, the marketing on this platform is heavy. Every week, the company releases a TikTok video showcasing a reveal of the flavors for the next seven days.  “I don’t even follow their TikTok account, but I always see the montage of new cookie flavors on my for you page,” said junior Grady Bartlett. 

During Crumbl’s prime, it became a trend to post Crumbl Cookie reviews on TikTok. TikTokers would channel their inner Gordon Ramsey to rate the cookies out of 10, and discuss which cookies were worth the trip to Crumbl. The internet soon became familiar with the light pink box that carries Crumbl’s delicious goods, and became obsessed with the company. “I remember wanting to go to Crumbl every week to try the new flavors,” said junior Mia Alarcon. “The lines always went out the door because everyone was thinking the same thing.”

Despite their constant online advertising, the buzz around the cookie company seems to have faded. Crumbl still maintains a large following on their social media platforms, but the lines have shortened since their peak virality. Their continuous rotation of cookie flavors has allowed them to keep a steady flow of customers, but the cookies have certainly lost popularity. “I kind of forgot about Crumbl, to be honest,” said junior Alexandra Golomb. “I haven’t been in almost a year, since when they were more popular.”

Crumbl had their moment in 2020, but TikTok has moved on to a new trend, and so have the Dubs. Although the flavors are always appealing, the students at North Atlanta have grown bored of the franchise, and are ready to find a new food fad to obsess over.