Warriors Face Wildcats in Scrimmage: Taking the Dub Against Westminster


Dub Spirit: Seniors Elizabeth Ackerman, Lucy Marin, Marley Jones, Gabby McCaffrey, Ava Geller, Alexandra Golomb, Brett McPherson, and Eliza Huntz support the Dubs in their blackout best.

To close off the first week of school, the Dubs put on their black-out best to prepare for the annual scrimmage against the Westminster Wildcats. Despite the rain, North Atlanta students showed up for the game to support the Warriors. The everlasting energy of the team’s best supporters highlighted the motivation and encouragement that will be present in future games. 

Although the stubborn rain led to some pessimistic attitudes about the outcome of the game, the odds were in North Atlanta’s favor. Luckily, there was only a 30-minute delay to the game. Despite the newfound presence of mud, the Dubs filled the hill and showed off their black bling. Some of the more dedicated Dubs went as far as applying eye black and wearing black masquerade masks. Senior Alexandra Golomb was one of these devoted supporters. “My friends and I hurried to Party City on Wednesday so we would have full access to the blackout inventory,” said Golomb. 

All of the Dubs were eager to get to the front lines of the hill for the best view of the game. Due to unfortunate timing, North Atlanta’s softball team also had a game that evening, forcing the lady Warriors to rush back from the buses to make it up the hill in time for the game. Senior Mia Alarcon was one of these players. “We got back from Centennial just in time for the scrimmage, so I had to use my softball uniform in place of my regular blackout attire,” said Alarcon. 

The scrimmage ended with a final score of 39-21 in favor of the Warriors, which was a cause for major celebration. The eternal spirit of the Dubs will carry through in the following games, as we support our fellow Warriors on the field. As suspected, the Warriors were able to Tame the Wildcats, and are optimistic about the rest of the season.