Is BeReal So Real?

Capturing the moment is a crucial thing for every teenager. Everyone wants a photo that perfectly captures a memory but unfortunately, this is incredibly difficult. People forget, and the moment passes without a snapshot taking place. That’s where BeReal comes in. BeReal is a photo-sharing app that, at any time during the day, sends a notification to its users to capture what they are doing in real-time within two minutes of receiving the alert. Then the app posts. The app differs from other social media as it only allows one upload a day, with no filter, and utilizes front and back-facing cameras. 

Despite being divergent, the app seems to be a hit, particularly amongst teenagers. Many are hooked on the app; a highly noticeable fact is when the BeReal alarm goes off. Immediately teenagers are found trying to capture the best angle of whatever they are presently doing. “When the BeReal notification goes off, it is time to be real for real,” said junior Jackson Young. 

 Sometimes the BeReal notifications will go off at the most inconvenient times. Teens will be in the shower, waking up with drool all over their face, or slouching on the couch, all positions that are not ideal for internet content. However, this is the point of the app, and many teens stay true to its purpose. “I constantly get Bereals while I am driving,” said junior Avery Braswell, “and I am a great driver, but… BeReal comes first”.

At the same time, teens have captured some great memories on this app. From riding camels to climbing the Eiffel tower, one could say it’s incredibly well traveled. Take Junior Kate Tully for example, as she was interrupted at the perfect moment, in the middle of her first African safari. “I was caught off guard by my BeReal however, nothing beats a BeReal of an elephant family,” said Tully.

Now that the beautiful days of summer are over and school is back in full swing, there’s a new BeReal trend going around; Having an unknowing teacher capture a photo of themselves off guard when taking a student’s BeReal. These poor teachers are clueless about the app’s front and back camera features and are at the hands of merciless teenagers.    

The app consistently catches the best and worst moments, and even occasionally it even has a mischievous side. So to BeReal or not to BeReal, that is the question?