Who Let the Dawgs Out?: Open-Toed Shoe Craze Hits NAHS


Phoebe Jones

Toes in the Wild: Staff Writer Phoebe Jones’ friend is caught in the act with the “dawgs” out, a look Jones can not stand.

28 phalanges have caused quite a controversy. Toes are a widely argued topic. Some fetishize them, while others are repulsed by them. All this disagreement with an obvious solution, lock them up. Socks and shoes were invented, for a reason, utilization, particularly necessity in schools. There is no reason for a student to catch a glimpse of another student’s dawgs while attempting to obtain an education. Merely a hindrance to learning. 

I can only believe that the reason for this nauseating choice is comfort. However, the open back that accompanies open-toed shoes can become a safety issue within crowded staircases and hallways. One person “accidentally” steps on your heel, and bam, blood everywhere! The same premise applies to toes, a person “happens” to back up onto your feet, and bam, purple toe! All this pain from a dreadful footwear option. 

The argument arises that this is fashion, and this is just bologna. There is not a single instance where open-toed shoes should be worn in a school environment 一 keep in mind high heels are not shoes designed for academics 一 or where an outfit is elevated by having toes out. In actuality, it makes it look as though no thought is put into the outfit, ultimately downgrading it: making them the opposite of couture. 

Presenting your toes in school can also cause an unwelcome odor, a stench. I’m  sorry to break it to you but feet are scientifically proven to smell putrid and, in school, these smells have no reason to be wafting about. It is insensitive to the nostrils of fellow students, so have some common courtesy and place them inside a shoe. I guarantee no one is interested in the toe rings or fresh pedicures. I’m not saying you need to wear snow boots but consider some closed-toe shoes. It’s an easy task requiring less than two minutes ,20 seconds. Take the time, don’t commit the heinous crime.

Keep them dawgs from barking. Put your toes in closed shoes for the sake of your peers and your reputation. No one wants to catch a peek at your stinky feet.