It’s Been A While Hasn’t It?: Hiatus Ends For 11 Stories


Back Again: After a 2 year hiatus due to unforeseen circumstances, the renowned North Atlanta broadcast, 11 Stories, is back for Dubs to watch.

The 11 stories broadcast, Warrior Wire and Invictus’ second cousin, came back again to make its mark on the dubs. Its first video after about two and half years came out on Tuesday, August 30th. The AVTF (audio video technology and film) pathway students have been putting in the work and hours to get the stories done efficiently. Because of these students and their Teacher, Mr. Louis Alfred, 11 stories is back and better than ever.  

Mr. Alfred, who has been teaching at North Atlanta for 11 years, is the AVTF teacher that goes hand in hand with 11 stories, but acts more of an overseer to the students. The students are really the ones who take charge with their ideas and creativity fueling the production. They plan the stories, go get the shots, and review and edit to produce a finished product. Alfred is there to assist, but most importantly offer the tools and teach b f the necessary skills to successfully create their visions. “Once that framework has been set, I step back and let them create the magic,” said Alfred.   

Since Alfred works more as a resource, the student leader of this production is current junior, James Pope. Almost like a gift from heaven, Pope stepped up to lead 11 stories after its steady downfall. He works as the executive producer where he manages all the segments, making him the formal leader of the 11 stories production. He may not always be seen on camera but, rest assured, Pope is working behind the scenes coordinating and managing with the production team. So far, he’s been delighted to see all of the hard work over the past month shown on the big screen. “Anytime I see it I just get the overwhelming feeling of oh my gosh I’ve done it!” said Pope. 

This first new story was not just a challenge for Alfred and Pope but also the newest members of the production. One particular student, sophomore Mirella Ogden, has gone above and beyond to get their first story done efficiently and on time. Ogden worked on the College and Career segment to showcase the opportunities the upperclassmen received and the future for the underclassmen. Working with 11 stories, Ogden has enjoyed the production process of script writing, filming, and editing where she can apply all the skills she’s learned thus far in class. “I feel like I’m learning skills that I’ll actually use in the future,” said Ogden

This first show is only the beginning to all the future videos 11 stories has in store. Make sure to look out for when the next show will hit the big screen. Soon enough you’ll be running up all 11 stories just to hear about what will be in the upcoming broadcast!