Worthy of our Money?: Upcoming Release of iPhone 14


Is it Worth It?: The main question asked amongst critics. The newest addition to Apple’s lineup of smart devices comes in the form of the iPhone 14.

The iPhone is one of the most highly used and anticipated pieces of technology of the modern era. It has been that way for over a decade at this point, and it seems it will only continue to be that way moving into the future. This comes in the form of the iPhone 14, which is Apple’s newest installment in their almost annual release of smartphones. It was announced in a recent event held earlier this month, where the company also gave information about the new Apple Watch models and the AirPods Pro. However, have these new iPhone releases been able to maintain the same level of excitement that they received in the past? While there are updates between each generation, criticism still exists for there seemingly not being enough changes between them. The main difference is always the camera and small quality of life adjustments, but is that worth the considerable price that comes with a new phone? Are people still convinced that they should buy the new iPhone every time one comes out? What would the students of North Atlanta say?

There are a number of students who are excited for the new iPhone’s release. They see the changes as being enough to convince them of making the purchase. “I use my phone all the time. So, I need it to be fast and I need the pictures to be good,” said senior Anita Williams.

Others don’t plan on getting the new phone at all in the near future. They just don’t see the point of it. “It’s mainly just picture quality, right? If I want to take good quality pictures, I’m not using a phone,” said senior Luke Sloan.

Then there are students who want Apple’s newest product, but can’t get over the hefty price. It’s too expensive to justify buying it. “It would be nice to have the new iPhone, but for almost $1000? It’s just too much,” said senior Talon Genter. 

The minor changes from each new iPhone to the next has been a criticism Apple has received for years. However, if one thing has proven true, the phones will continue to sell. With a company like Apple, that can apply to all of their products. It’s good to question the value of what companies like them put out, though. That’s the way to promote innovation.