North Atlanta Blood Drive: Every Pint Saves Three Lives


North Atlanta students and staff – get out, give blood and save lives this October!

On Tuesday, October 4, the Warriors have a golden opportunity to save lives – and earn financial compensation. Through the school JROTC program’s partnership with American Red Cross, students can donate their blood in the multipurpose room (1151) between 9 A.M. and 2 P.M. Students should be aware of any health issues before participation, but those who are eligible will be spending their day in a fulfilling way.

To donate blood, students must be at least 16 years of age – with an ID to prove it.  Some health metrics, such as weight, need to be given, and of course, a needle is used for drawing blood, meaning fainting-prone students should refrain from participating. For early confirmation, sign up for an appointment through the Red Cross website using code “nahs.” With this digital platform, you can be in and out of the blood drive efficiently – with the satisfaction of having done a good deed.

However, fulfillment isn’t the only reward. Every presenting donor receives a $20 Amazon gift card, and – this month only – blood donors through Red Cross receive a $5 gift card to a merchant of their choosing. While the main incentive for donating blood is to save lives, as every pint saves three, it is also an undeniably lovely perk to earn spending money.

If there are any worries about your donating efforts going to waste, rest assured the Red Cross is a reputable public health organization. Not only have they had over 140 years of disaster relief service, but they are also coming up on 80 years since establishing the first nationwide civilian blood program. Over 40 percent of the blood products in the United States are provided by the American Red Cross, making them the leading medical nonprofit in the United States. You, therefore, ensure your donation is properly used by giving blood to the Red Cross at North Atlanta.

By going to the multipurpose room during the five-hour window, Dubs can give their blood to a highly credible nonprofit – and even pocket gift card money. It is always lovely when doing good has personal benefits, so get out there and save lives, Dubs.