An American Monarchy: The Appeal of Royal Court at NAHS


Sitting Pretty (and Handsome): As the pep rally roars on, the complete lineup of royal court candidates pose for a formal picture before the results are announced.

To be a royal… to be birthed into a crown. Few fall into this category, the rest are peasants left dreaming of becoming nobility, or searching for nobility somewhere down the line. Thus comes into play, the renowned fall activity of Royal Court, the chance to win a title complete with a sash and a plastic, yet expensive looking, crown. What drives students to campaign tirelessly for this?

For some, it’s not the prospect of being a king or queen but, rather the ability to have an impact within their school. At North Atlanta High school those who win are responsible for more than a wave and a smile. They also take part in SGA. “I wanted to take a leadership role in SGA but didn’t see the possibility in actual SGA elections,” said Willow Gibbs, a contestant for Miss. Eleventh Grade, “But I saw a chance for me to make a difference through Miss. Eleventh Grade, and a crown never hurts”. 

Through the platform of the Royal Court, there is the opportunity to make a better and equal high school experience for all students. North Atlanta is a fantastic school, however, there can always be improvements. Those selected for the Royal Court can aid in making improvements by listening to students. “I am the voice of the students,” said Akina Lemorin, who was crowned Miss North Atlanta amongst the whole school.  

However, others deemed it part of the quintessential high school experience. Having grown up around movies that idealized being crowned homecoming royalty, it seems like a real-life fairytale. The lights shine as a crown is placed on a gleaming head accompanied by the sound of an applauding crowd. “I have always found it fun on TV” ” said Luke McCullough, contestant for Mr. Eleventh Grade, “and decided to give it a go.”

Whatever the reason, who could resist the allure of royalty? Especially one that makes one feel like a movie star. The validation that your friends and peers would support you and your dreams. “I love the title of being Miss. Eleventh Grade, the queen of my class” said Kelis Brownlee, Miss. Eleventh Grade.