Cuffing Season Means Couples Costumes: Here Are Some Frighteningly Good Ideas


Seniors Virginia Odom and Ben Felton celebrate Halloween together with an iconic Star Wars costume.

As the Halloween season approaches, the Dubs are scrambling to devise the best costume for this season. The overachievers face the challenge of conjuring up multiple costumes to divide over Halloween weekend. Piecing together all of the parts and accessories to a costume is a tedious task that must be done far in advance to avoid last-minute purchases. The real struggle, however, is figuring out who to dress up with. Will it be a solo costume? A trio? Or will it be a couples costume? Here are some of the most iconic couples costumes to take inspiration from this year:


Scooby Doo Gang

Whether you’re suited to Shaggy and Velma or Fred and Daphne, these meddling kids are hard to beat. Regardless of if you’re willing to go all out, or just pick something from your closet, these looks are simple to achieve and make your own. This classic couples costume is bound to be recognized and admired by everyone. 


Harley Quinn and the Joker

This is a look you’re bound to see every year because it’s just that iconic. This beloved couple is a costume that will never get old. 


Cowgirl and Cowboy

Every great cowboy needs a cowgirl on his side – just ask Woody. With this costume, it’s likely that you already own everything you need. Bust out your cowboy boots, find a flannel, and you’re good to go. 


Sharkboy and Lava Girl

It’s the perfect opportunity to recreate everyone’s favorite movie couple. Recreating this look will bring the nostalgia we all need. 


Tinkerbell and Peter Pan

If Paris Hilton did it, you should do it. Tinkerbell and Peter Pan is a costume that’s both cute and low effort. For all the procrastinators, this is a costume that can be easily scrounged up the night before. 


Shrek and Fiona

This costume is suited for couples with a bit more creativity… and motivation. Although a green face and body paint may seem strenuous, the result will definitely be worth the hundreds of makeup wipes needed. 


Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love

For all of the Nirvana fans at North Atlanta, this costume is unbeatable. It’s easy to be creative with a recreation of this couple’s most famous looks. 



Whether it’s Superman and Supergirl or Batman and Catwoman, any superhero duo is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Check any Party City or Spirit Halloween store, and you’ve got yourself a costume.


If you happen to choose one, or even multiple of these costumes, the Wire is wishing you the best with your Halloween endeavors.