Fall Fever: Autumn Fashion at North Atlanta


Many of North Atlanta’s upperclassmen have deemed themselves as ready to dress cozy for the incoming fall weather.

As the leaves begin to fill with vibrants reds, oranges, and yellows, and temperature begin to drop, the fall season is one that many Dubs look forward to. From the warm spiced drinks to the brisk walks around the park as the leaves crunch against your feet. One that the students especially enjoy is the wondrous world of fall fashion. The thousands of cozy sweaters, the endless layering, and the oversized sweatshirts and sweatpants combo are what leads many to fall in love with fashion surrounding fall. Although Atlanta’s weather continues to offer many challenges with the freezing cold in the morning and the bright, blazing sun in the afternoon, this doesn’t stop Dubs. The true wonder of fall is who will win in the competition against fashion sense and dropping temperatures. 

For many Dubs, the fall season is what they look forward to as they get used to the daily work environment that is school, away from the scorching summer sunlight, and a whole new set of styles and trends to follow through their wardrobe. The vast amount of possible outfits of autumn fashion has something for every single style. Whether you want to look like the falling leaves with reds and yellow hues or a darker, muted tone of burgundy, forest green, and navy blue- the fall season caters to everyone’s fashion taste. Sophomore Christa Jenkins especially loves fall for all the different kinds of outfits, color palettes, and accessories to elevate her fall fever. “The beautiful fall color palettes and warm, cozy outfits are what really makes fall my favorite season.” Jenkins said. 

Fall is the season loved by many but not all. Countless people who love fall tend to like it more because of the lowering temperature. Georgia tends to provide Atlanta with sweltering heat and with that comes buckets of sweat and bright sunburns. The fall season brings bleak icy mornings, an irritation for both bus riders and sports players alike, and boiling afternoons that contrast with warm fall outfits planned for the morning. Freshman Victoria Walker, a lover of summer, is often falling into despair rather than in love when it comes fall. “It’s annoying to try to pick out a cute outfit in the morning that also keeps me warm,” Walker said.

Although there may be some ups and downs with autumn, the overwhelming majority finds the fall season to be their favorite time of year. From the fashion, to the drinks, and seasonal activities, autumn is a time for friends and family to come together and enjoy the time they have with each other.