Halloween on a Monday: Worth the Week-Long Fatigue?


Ella Kaufman

Monday Blues: 2022 Calls for a weekday spooky celebration.

Halloween is a holiday made for nighttime adventures – the sun sets, the full moon glowing ominously. However, it may be more challenging to enjoy the Halloween festivities when it takes place on the least enjoyable day of the week, a Monday. Little kids want to go Trick-or-Treating and teenagers want to party, but this all becomes far less exciting when you have to go to school the next day. This spooky season, North Atlanta students are ready to ensure that the Monday blues don’t ruin their holiday fun.

If you’re anything like sophomore Slade Allen, the day of the week has no significance. Allen plans on going out with his friends, whether on a Monday or a Friday, because Halloween is Halloween, and he views it as one of the year’s best opportunities to have fun. Even if he has school the next day, it isn’t a crutch because he values the experience as highly as his academics. “You have to live it up before you get stuck in a 9-5”, he said. “I see Halloween as just the time for that.”

Junior Pierce Adamson is slightly more affected by the calendar on Halloween night, as his plans might be quite different from those on the weekend. While he may try to get together with some friends, he knows that he has school the next day and may settle for watching the Monday night football games. If it were a weekend, he would certainly go, but on a Monday night, motivation to hang out with others isn’t exactly what it is on a Friday, so staying in seems just as appealing. “Unfortunately, the holiday falls on a Monday, but I think I can still make the most of it whether I go out or not,” he said.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, junior Larry Wheeler is not one for parties as is. In his mind, Halloween could be on any day of the week, and he would be doing the same thing anyways, so stressing over what to do now that Halloween is on a weekday was not one of his problems. Wheeler knows schoolwork is a responsibility to maintain year-round, so he’s opting to spend his night productively. “Even though it is Halloween, I will probably go to the gym and do homework,” he said.

High schoolers choose to spend their Monday night in various ways, but one common theme is that everyone is doing what suits them the best. Whether attending a party, staying at home, or anything in between, students will get the most out of their Halloween night regardless of the calendar sporting October 31st.