Merry Birthday!: The Struggles of Holiday Birthdays

Many students like senior Lindsay Vicens have to find time to celebrate their birthday during the holiday season.

Many students like senior Lindsay Vicens have to find time to celebrate their birthday during the holiday season.

Birthdays are the one day every year that it’s acceptable (and encouraged) to be showered with attention and special treatment. However, this is often not the case for those who were born during the holiday season. With the excitement and anticipation surrounding the December holidays, birthdays can sometimes go unnoticed. Does having a December birthday add to the fun of the holiday season, or take away from the thrill of your special day? 

The unlucky Dubs whose birthdays fall around the holidays often feel forgotten and sometimes even scammed. With the expenses that come with paying for presents, decorations, and even trips during the holidays, parents often decide to limit birthday presents in preparation for larger holidays such as Christmas. Or, they may not receive any birthday gifts. Freshman Julia Havey faces this struggle on another level. “My birthday is on Christmas, so it doesn’t really show up on other people’s radars because they’re busy with their own celebrations and gifts,” she said. 

Another struggle of having a December birthday is missing out on spending time with friends. It’s always nice to be able to celebrate your birthday with your closest friends, but this becomes difficult when everyone is out of town for the holidays. Even those who stay home for the holidays are likely still spending time with family. Senior Matthew Maiellaro is all too familiar with this difficulty. “My birthday usually falls over Christmas break when all of my friends are on trips with their family,” he said. 

Despite the several drawbacks that come with holiday birthdays, some people love it. It can be argued that a birthday near the holidays is double the fun, especially when there’s a break from school. This is experienced first-hand by Senior Ava Geller, whose birthday is on New Year’s Eve. “I love being born on New Year’s Eve because everyone is already celebrating, so even if all of the attention isn’t on me, I’m bound to have a fun night,” she said.

Having a holiday birthday surely has its downsides, but should be celebrated regardless of gifts or parties. After all, it is the most wonderful time of the year.