A Meaningful Melody: The Sounds of NAHS Chorus


What is that Melody?: North Atlanta High School’s Chorus fills the auditorium with the sounds of their melody.

Growing up everyone tells you they long to be a famous singer. Idolized on TV and obsessed over by preteens, they set this dream aside, stuffing it in the back of their mind to continue with their lives. A select few, however, decide to stay passionate and find Chorus, a way to enrich their voices. Amongst their peers, they find harmony as they sing angelic melodies. Making any listeners believe they were transported up to heaven.  

However, the time and effort that is necessary to be a part of the Chorus is not always so heavenly. Students have to dedicate themselves to their craft. While singing is often deemed a natural talent, work is still needed to reach professional levels. Spending time both inside and outside of school hours. “I never knew singing homework was a thing before now,” said Junior and Chorus member Sophia Egoavil.”Sometimes it’s even so much that I fall asleep on my sheet music.”

This is not to say all these young ​​choristers dislike Chorus. Instead, this is the opposite of true. For many, this has been a lifelong pursuit that began soon after their first words were spoken. As though their first sentence was “put me in chorus”. Others thought it was assigned. “Chorus wasn’t my choice, it was chosen for me,” said Junior member Aren Burns. “I’ve stuck with it despite this, I’m afraid of what my mom would say if I quit.”

From these statements,  Chorus seems to provide mixed opinion for all. .  Although, For a select few, it is a haven. Surrounded by friends and a faithful teacher it’s the favorite time of the choristers’ day, their forte. Particularly if they love their craft. “I’m not a huge fan of school,” said Sophomore and Chorus member Andie Benedict, “but Chorus is what keeps me coming.”

An often-forgotten sector of the arts is one packed with talent. Some even say the most talented within the music department. Find out if you agree by attending their Holiday Winter Concert, that’s sure to be a magical time