New Year, New Workout Routine…Or Not


Freshman Wyn Atkinson stays strong with his fitness goals even in the presence of New Year’s crowds.

It’s that time of the year when gyms throughout the community suddenly become flooded with newcomers. All of the “new year, new me” claimers start strong with their resolutions to work out more. For the first month, the crowds are impossible to beat. But as motivation fades, so does the New Year’s gym rush. 

For the North Atlanta gym rats, these crowds can be an extreme inconvenience. Tight school schedules don’t allow the Dubs much time to squeeze in a morning workout session, so instead, they must deal with the afternoon rush. As soon as the clock hits 3:45, they race out of school to head off to the North Atlanta workout hub, the YMCA. Junior Kemper Loggins is one of the many who face the detrimental struggle of the New Year’s gym rush. “I always get to the gym around 4:15, and everyone and their mom seems to be there at the same time,” he said. 

Along with the timing problems, there’s always the issue of dealing with struggling beginners. Gym equipment isn’t always the easiest to get the hang of for those who have never been to the gym. However, the regular gym rats who are hyped up on pre-workout often grow impatient when a newcomer doesn’t practice basic gym etiquette. Freshman Wyn Atkinson is one of these aggravated gym-goers. “I understand that newcomers may need some assistance in the gym, but it’s frustrating when they take up the equipment while sitting on their phone or not using it,” he said. 

Luckily for the regular YMCA attendees, the gym traffic always seems to decrease by February. Whether it’s a fade in motivation or increasing scheduling conflicts, gym resolutions are difficult to maintain. Senior Brett McPherson can attest to this statement. “Every year, the gym gets super crowded in January, but without fail it goes back to normal by February or March,” she said. 

Staying faithful to a New Year’s resolution is always an arduous task, no matter what the goal is. Despite the discouraging odds, there are always ways to help prolong and maintain your fitness journey. Setting realistic goals and tracking progress are ways the Dubs stay motivated in the gym, and tips that gym newcomers can use as well.