From Black and Silver to White and Gold: A Record-Breaking Amount of NAHS Seniors Gain Early Acceptance to Georgia Tech


Caroline Feagin

Buzz Bound: A record-breaking 36 North Atlanta accepted early into Georgia Tech.

As spring nears, seniors’ hard work is finally beginning to pay off as many gain acceptance to their pick of colleges. One of these is the Georgia Institute of Technology, located right here in Atlanta. Georgia Tech is a prestigious university ranked 15th best public university nationwide, with a 16% acceptance rate. Yet, despite such rigorous statistics, a record-breaking 36 North Atlanta Seniors gained early admission for the Class of 2027.  

 Tech is best known for its engineering and computing programs, the largest and one of the highest-ranked in the nation. However, there are other distinguished programs and rigorous majors that many of our very own Dubs are interested in pursuing. I think IB really prepared me for college and put me over the edge to get into this school,” said senior Delia Neufield. “IB is a very demanding program that shows commitment to colleges.”

With Georgia Tech’s campus located just seven miles from North Atlanta, many students have had their hearts set on attending this college since they were born. But, for any college, whether Georgia Tech or elsewhere, this ride-or-die mentality is accompanied by the nerve-wracking feeling of opening acceptance letters. “I wore a Tech shirt all day to manifest my acceptance,” said senior Lindsay Vicens. “Opening that letter and getting in has made my dreams a reality.” 

More and more North Atlanta students have been accepted to Georgia Tech every year. 64 Dubs applied early this year, and over 50% got accepted. North Atlanta has maintained a strong reputation with Georgia Tech over the years. “Georgia Tech is where I have always wanted to attend, so there was no doubt in applying,” said Lucy Marin. “Especially with the chances coming from North Atlanta.” 

Including three athletic commitments, eight seniors have already decided to spend their next four years at Tech. The rest of the admits have very important decisions to make along with the rest of the senior class come the end of this semester. These students may be future Yellow Jackets, but for now, it’s still Go Dubs!