Snapchat Plus: Is It Worth Your Money?


Carly Martin

Senior Alexandra Golomb looking through the plethora of new Snapchat icons available after subscribing to Snapchat Plus.

Snapchat has recently introduced a premium option for users, with tons of alluring new features. For $3.99 a month, users now have access to advantages that have never been seen before. Snapchat has received a lot of feedback since the release, both positive and negative. In the eyes of the Dubs, is the promotion worth the monthly payment?

The new addition to the app includes about 12 new features that alter both design and function aspects of the app. Some of the functional changes consist of gaining the ability to view status on other users’ “best friends lists,” pin friends as your number one best friend, and access a ghost trail that reveals where your friends have traveled throughout the day. In addition to this, the subscription also introduces changes in story function. Snapchat plus allows users to view a story replay count, which shows how many times someone has replayed your story. It also allows customization with story expiration, so that users can set their story to expire before the automatic 24-hour window. “It’s definitely nice to be able to see the story replay count and pin people as your best friend, but I think the ghost trail is kind of creepy,” junior Jack Lyon said. 

The new upgrade also comes with a variety of customizable changes in the app’s design. With Snapchat Plus, users have access to exclusive Snapchat icons, new bitmoji backgrounds, camera border colors, custom notification sounds, and the esteemed Snapchat Plus badge that appears on your profile. With these features, the premium subscription essentially allows users to personalize their Snapchat according to their preferences. Senior Madeleine Rowe, like many others, is not a fan of the design changes. “If I’m gonna be paying every month, I expect more than a badge and colored border,” she said. 

Despite the extensive assortment of new features, some have argued that the new components are not worth the money. Many of the design elements have been considered pointless when listed with the cost. The differences in function are desirable, but are the Dubs willing to pay the price? Senior Alexandra Golomb is one of the many who find the subscription unnecessary. “I like being able to see where I am on other people’s best friend lists and pin people, but I’d rather keep my money,” she said.

Although the functional elements aren’t too extensive, over a million users have already signed up for the premium subscription. Among the Dubs, there are a lot of mixed reviews concerning the worthiness of the features. If only the price could be as customizable as the design settings.