NAHS Word of the Day: Fresh, New Words Served Daily!


Looking for new words? Come up to the tenth floor or check out @nahswotd on Instagram for the daily new word!

There are millions of words that exist in the human language. As scholars you are expected to have a broad vocabulary to conjure a piece of writing that can demonstrate your academic skills. Unfortunately there’s just too many words for one person to know at any given time… so senior Grady Bartlett devised a solution to those with narrow vocabulary: a word of the day (WOTD) board with its own accompanying Instagram page. 

The WOTD board originally started with seniors from the previous year and the torch was passed down to Bartlett. As the new leader, Bartlett comes up with each and every word. He handpicks the best word from somewhere on social media, a class assignment, or will use word suggestions. The WOTD is always paired along with an example sentence so Dubs can see how to actually apply the new word. These sentences are what gives it character as it will oftentimes reflect the events happening around North Atlanta, or the new word on the street that Dubs gossip about in the hallways (whether it’s Taylor Swift’s new album, the Wednesday Netflix show, school fires, or the dreadful bag checks). One of the word of day instagram followers, sophomore Samuel Riddick-Seal, finds the sentences to be their favorite part of it all together. “The sentences are always goofy so I try to look out for them when I’m on Instagram,” said Riddick-Seals. 

  The WOTD board may have not been started by Bartlett, but it was him that first started the page as a way to spread the outreach even farther. Most of our Dubs classes are connected to their grade level, making a majority of the Warriors never able to get to the daily word. With the WOTD connected to an Instagram account, all grades can view the words as they please. Additionally, if someone were to ever miss a day or had a word that they really liked, the page also serves as an archive to all the words and example sentences. With the profile, anyone and everyone can now find out what the new WOTD is thanks to Bartlett. “I felt as though the word of the day would be better if it was more accessible,” Bartlett said.  

The word of the day is an activity people have been doing for years and now North Atlanta can proudly say they, too, have come up with one of their own. With a physically updated board and a picture of it posted to Insta on weekdays, the Dubs will have gained a wide enough vocabulary to properly convey anything and everything they could ever desire.