A Blessing or a Curse: Trends after the Holidays


Junior Heriot Parsons shows off her trendy Stanley cup proudly after receiving one for Christmas.

After a showering of gifts from the holiday season, it seems everyone around the school has the new must-have items. While these items change each year, the sentiment remains the same: kids desire to follow trends. As defined by Vogue, a trend is “a current style of preference”, but to many, it’s more than this; it is the ability to fit in. While it’s easy to preach individuality it can be hard to practice, particularly in high school. Many lack a sense of self and thus fall into what everyone else seems to have. This is not an attack upon those who adhere to what is popular, merely a commentary on the reasons behind these desires. 

This year the “Stanley” cup has seen a spike in popularity. Water Bottles, while such a simple item is often the focus of trends. Water bottles are items that are always out in the open and while it seems illogical that someone would be embarrassed over it, many are. While water doesn’t taste better out of a bottle that everyone else has, it does allow a sense of comfort in uniformity. “My Stanley cup is my new best friend, it goes with me everywhere since I saw it on TikTok” said senior Kira Spivey 

With the want to be aligned, individuality suffers. It takes strength to be unique, it allows for easy recognition. A personal style can be met with mixed reactions, and while one can hope for positivity it’s often not the case. People often dislike what is different or deemed “not normal”, yet many warriors live their lives unconcerned with the opinions of others. Finding one’s style takes time but can help a person get to know themselves in the process. “My style is a curated display of who I am,” said junior Avery Braswell. “I like being easily identifiable, I don’t mind the extra attention.”

In recent years what is defined as trendy is typically defined by social media. Through TikTok videos or curated Instagram posts, people can see what influencers are deeming the new hit thing. While influencers are often bribed by brand deals and sponsorship their opinions can carry a lot of weight, especially for teenagers. Recently Alix Earle has been a sensation on TikTok, causing people to completely change their makeup routine to be identical to hers. “What would Alix do is my new go-to phrase when getting ready,” said junior Kate Tully. 

Whether you choose to follow trends or steer clear, it’s important to remain true to yourself!