Student Christian Leaders: A Club That Welcomes All


Riley Martin

Uniting NAHS: Student Christian Leaders (SCL) aims to bring Dubs together through engaging activities and meaningful group discussions. All are welcome to join, regardless of religious affiliation.

With the many clubs present at North Atlanta, there is always a way for Dubs to find their crowd, and Student Christian Leaders (SCL) is no different. SCL is a club of students, regardless of religious affiliation, looking to kick off their Fridays with food, fun, and fellowship.

The usual itinerary consists of breakfast, games, and a speaker from the community who shares a meaningful message with attendees. Co-president and senior Jonathan French believes that SCL provides insightful lessons and experiences for club members. The club’s primary focus isn’t to hammer in religion but rather to unify Dubs in a fun setting. “I have been a member since freshman year,” said French. “It’s been a lot of fun, and I think that myself and other club members get a lot out of each meeting.”

Student Christian Leaders: A Club That Welcomes AllClub members value various parts of the meeting for many reasons. Junior Myers Allen prefers the opening games, which range from musical chairs to a club favorite, “Knight, Horse, Chariot.” Allen thinks it is a good way to wake him up before school, but it also helps him build a connection with the other members in a stress-free environment. The games are simple yet very entertaining. “I always look forward to the fun activities,” said Allen. “The games make it easy to meet new people and form friendships.”

While junior Pierce Adamson agrees that the games are fun, he prefers the more serious aspect of the meeting, the speakers. SCL brings in numerous speakers, including members of churches and religious organizations, coaches, NAHS parents, and more from all across Atlanta, to share a story and message with the students. Adamson enjoys this portion of the meetings most because he feels he can always learn something from it and leave the meeting a better person. The guest speakers intertwine faith in their message, which resonates with the audience as it allows a religious aspect without it being overwhelming. “I’ve always looked forward to the speakers,” Adamson said. “They come at things from a different perspective that makes me think.”

The consensus is that SCL provides a fulfilling experience for its members, offering something for everyone. From the breakfast to the games to the speakers, there is something for everyone who looks to explore their faith with their friends at North Atlanta High School. Join SCL at any remaining meeting dates for this semester: February 3rd and 17th, March 10th and 24th, April 14th and 28th, and May 12th.